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BCB Site Note

On a slow Saturday morning, I figure it's time to tell you all... that BCB will be changing. Soon.

Over the last several months, the SB Nation web gurus have been working on what we've been calling amongst ourselves "SBN 2.0" -- a complete, from the ground up revamp of all the SB Nation sites.

Some of you have made suggestions about changes here and I passed those along, and I know some of those suggestions were included in the redesign. As noted in this Athletics Nation post, the redesign is so complete that when it happens (and I'll try to give you some warning), you might think you will have come to the wrong place one morning in February, when it happens.

If you have questions, keep in mind that this comes under the category of "if-I-told-you-I'd-have-to-kill-you". Suffice to say there will be a bit of a learning curve to learn all the cool new features, but the bottom line is that I think you'll all be pleased.

Discuss, but don't expect me to add much. Yet. As I was told when I asked a couple of what I thought were pertinent questions about SBN 2.0 to the folks involved in the redesign, "Patience, young grasshopper."

It'll be online sometime in February. I'll let you know when.