Lou's 2008 Opening Day Lineup

Im sure a lot you have see this by now, but Piniella's opening day lineup is listed on and various other places by now Im sure.


No real surprises at the top, I wouldnt put Theriot no.2. I dont know if Pie batting 8th is going to be the best slot for him (hitting infront of the pitcher and all that entails).  Fukudome should get plenty of RBI opportunities in the 5 hole, but does he have enough power there? Does it matter?

Lee, Ramirez, Fukudome, DeRosa should all get on base fairly well, which could help Soto at a run for R.O.Y.

If nothing else, its a pretty quick lineup, with the exception of Ramirez and Soto. All in all not bad, I agree with the notion that Fonzie should move down in the order, he could see as many fastballs hitting in between Ramirez and Lee or simply ahead of one of them as he would batting leadoff.

So we'll see, perhaps some of the names will change, I would suspect he'll make a few changes in the early going as he did last year...perhaps Fukudome might be better in the 2 slot?  Might Soto might end up hitting behind Fukudome if he remains at5?

I'm pretty excited about that order; things can be done to both the rotation and lineup prior to March 31st, but I think theyve got a real shot at getting back to October.

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