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Wrigley Season Ticket 2008

At least one sharp-eyed BCB reader (Chris) found the flyers that were left at the convention, so it's time to spill about the project I've been working on all winter.

Wrigley Season Ticket 2008 is a 112-page season preview for our favorite team (with no advertising, and filled with great color photos). I've written two articles and edited the others for this book, which contains not only previews for the Cubs, but a look at the rest of the NL Central, a look into the minor league system (with detailed profiles of Tyler Colvin and Alex Maestri), and some looks back into Cub history.

The link above will tell you more and also has a complete list of all the articles and authors -- several of whom are regular posters at this site.

You can pre-order it now through Maple Street Press' website (click the link above); if you do, you should have your book by February 20, just about the time the full squad reports to Mesa for workouts. It will be in bookstores and on other newsstands at places like Target by March 4. Most of the distribution in stores will be in Illinois, Iowa and the Phoenix area, so if you live somewhere else, ordering online is the best way to go. We'll also have a table set up at Ho Ho Kam Park on a couple of days during spring training and you can get one there.

It's good stuff, and I'm not just saying so because I'm the editor -- I'm saying so because 15 different writers, including Bruce Miles, have worked hard to make a really good season preview for our favorite team. Hope you'll buy it.