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Oh, The Humanity

Trade talks between the Mariners and Orioles about Erik Bedard...

appear to be somewhere between a standstill and a low simmer
... wow, how thrilling. Sounds like something Andy MacPhail would be into. But wait, there's more!
... a number of the teams once sniffing around a potential Bedard deal have dropped by the wayside. The Dodgers got their pitcher when it signed Japanese pitcher Hiroki Kuroda. The Mets didn't offer enough for the Orioles' liking, and their impending acquisition of Johan Santana from the Twins eliminates their need for Bedard. The Reds wouldn't give up their top outfield prospect, Jay Bruce.
Meaning Andy's been going over his cellphone limits and has accomplished nothing. And...
Bedard also did not comment on the continuing negotiations. "I can't say anything right now," Bedard said Monday night to the Ottawa Citizen. Previous rumors had him headed to the Toronto Blue Jays. "Sorry, I just can't [say anything]."
Meaning Andy told him to shut up, especially about those Blue Jays rumors (where did that come from?). Finally...
MacPhail has been in contact with [Peter] Angelos about potential deals, the [Baltimore] Sun reported. "I talked to him today, and I expect that I'll probably talk to him tomorrow as well," MacPhail said.
How thrilling! MacPhail has conversation with Angelos! Tune in tomorrow for still more exciting MacPhail-Angelos dialogue!

Just one more thing.