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Friday Morning Headlines

  • As posted earlier today in kaseyi's diary, the Cubs are planning on adding 70 more "bullpen boxes" down the 3B line (probably where the photographer's box is now), and also more ad signage in the park; according to Cubs VP of community relations Mike Lufrano:
    "We're also extending digital signage on the sides of the grandstands by adding fixed advertising panels on either side."

    Hmmm. This puzzles me. "Digital signage" would imply that they would be longer or newer versions of the ads that now are on the edges of the upper deck. But he says they'll be "fixed advertising panels", which to me would be something else entirely. So which is it? And where will they be?

  • Steve Rosenbloom raises the topic of an interesting way to generate revenue:
    Which North American sports league will be the first to puts ads on uniforms? Don't act like it's heresy. Ever seen a soccer jersey? Goodness, every kickball team around the world is selling something. And OMG, NASCAR. So, which league does it first?

    Rosenbloom says it can't be the NHL, NBA or NFL, for various reasons, so don't be surprised if this happens sometime in baseball; purists will gag, but don't forget -- in Japan, some entire teams in NPB are named after corporations (Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, Tokyo Yakult Swallows, and most memorably, Nippon Ham Fighters). "Chicago Motorola Cubs"?

  • 44th Ward alderman Tom Tunney isn't thrilled with the idea of selling Wrigley Field to the city or state. And frankly, after thinking it over and reading this article, I'm starting to lean to that side, too. Tunney's quoted in the article:
    "Everyone is thinking out loud," he said, adding that he is concerned about preserving the character of the neighborhood and the quality of life of local residents.

    We are, as was said a couple of weeks ago by Crane Kenney, "in the bottom of the first inning" in this story.

  • Roger Clemens' interview on 60 Minutes on Sunday is apparently going to include the claim by Clemens that Brian McNamee injected him with lidocaine and vitamin B-12.

    Comment: WAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Let's call that the Tejada Vitamin Defense. Roger: who do you think you're kidding? That article also says that McNamee's lawyers may sue Clemens for defamation; they're waiting to see the entire interview first.

  • Yesterday, Jay Mariotti took note of the outdoor hockey game played in Buffalo on Tuesday and said it would be a perfect way for the Blackhawks to make a splash on the local sports scene -- either at Soldier Field, or even at Wrigley Field, next winter. Given John McDonough and Jay Blunk's marketing expertise, don't be surprised to see something like this in the Blackhawks' future, next December or January.