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2007 BCB Free Agent Frenzy Contest Update

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I was thinking about our contest this morning, originally posted two months ago, and thought I'd give you an update.'s contest included 14 players plus Joe Torre -- who signed with the Dodgers before the contest deadline, giving everyone in that contest a free pick.

Instead of Torre, the BCB contest included Kerry Wood. Of the 15 players in the BCB contest, all but three (Barry Bonds, Bartolo Colon and Mike Cameron) are signed.

Given the uncertain status of Bonds and Cameron (for different reasons; Bonds due to his indictment, Cameron due to a 25-game suspension that will be served at the start of the season), I'm not sure quite when to declare this contest ended. We'll revisit it when (if?) Colon signs.

You can go through the comments in the original post to see how you are doing if you entered. At some point I'll need a volunteer (Imtrejo, are you out there? You did this the last two years) to tally up all the entries and determine the winner. As a reminder, the winner will get a copy of The Cubs: The Complete Story of Chicago Cubs Baseball by Glenn Stout.