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Jim Hendry Extension Coming Soon?

Thanks to BCB reader Tom Loxas for this link, which says:

Bruce Levine of ESPN 1000AM reports the Cubs and GM Jim Hendry are in advanced talks for an extension.

Our source said possibly in the 3-4 year range.

One major source said he was hopeful a deal would happen very soon.

I'd be very surprised if Hendry got that long an extension -- if he does, that means that either the sale of the team is on hold for now, or that all the new owner candidates have signed off on extending Hendry.

Hendry's done a good job the last couple of years, although he does have his blind spots. The team he put together in 2008 was terrific -- for six months. What Hendry (and Lou Piniella) have to do is figure out how to get the guys that can win in October.

We'll wait and see if this report turns out to be true.