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World Series Game #4: Rays vs. Phillies, Sunday 10/26, 7:30 CT

The World Series has been competitive, with three fairly close games and a dramatic bottom of the 9th win last night. Too bad hardly anyone outside of Tampa or Philadelphia or the West Coast saw it. They probably should have postponed the game to today, when there will be no TV sports competition (the NFL has no Sunday night game tonight). Gameday for World Series Game #4 -- game time 7:30 pm CT

Today's Starting Pitchers
Joe Blanton

vs. Andy Sonnanstine
A. Sonnanstine
9-12 W-L 13-9
4.69 ERA 4.38
111 SO 124
66 BB 37
22 HR 21
vs. TB -- vs. Phi game preview

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