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Postseason Ticket Refund Information

I posted this info in the Playoff Refund post on the sidebar, but that post seems to have dropped down quite a bit in the list, so I thought I'd pass along the Cubs' official info regarding postseason ticket refunds, for those who bought individual tickets for unplayed games (those who have season tickets will automatically have the money refunded or credited to their 2009 season tickets, whatever they chose when they bought the tickets):

Online Purchases through or For fans who purchased tickets online directly through Tickets.Com or for Cubs Division Series Home Game 3 or Any League Series Games to be played at Wrigley Field, you will receive an automatic credit to the original credit cards used for purchasing the tickets. These credits will appear on your credit card statement no later than October 17th, 2008.

Hooray! The Cubs have seen the light, and aren't requiring the extra procedure of mailing tickets back for a refund.

Sigh. We all wish we were using the tickets instead of getting our money back. It's an absolutely beautiful day in Chicago today -- perfect for a playoff game.

Next year...