Free Agents No One's Talking About

We've covered free agents from Abreu to Zaun and certain names have come up a bunch - Ibanez, Furcal, Dunn - what about the names that haven't come up?  None of these guys are Type A or Type B free agents.  But maybe they could be of use.

LH corner OF

Eric Hinske - "Could someone please tell me what the difference is between me and Mark Teahen?"

Cliff Floyd - Floyd won't be there all the time, but if that gives both Pie and Fukudome a chance, is that all bad?

Brad Wilkerson - "Hey, I was once traded for the guy that was traded for Alex Rodriguez.  Um, I was also DFA'd last year."

LH speedy IF 

Cesar Izturis - "So, last year I was just as valuable as Ryan Theriot, oh, and I also switch-hit and steal bases without getting caught and play some of the best SS defense in the game, which, I don't know, if you believe Lou, might have helped in the playoffs."

Felipe Lopez - His defense is atrocious, so playing Lopez at SS would be like playing Ryan Theriot, except a switch-hitter with better odds of repeating a year of helpful hitting.

Nick Punto - See "Piranha."

Starting Pitchers 

Pedro Martinez - "I was the original Tim Lincecum!"

Mark Mulder - Let Mulder be a placeholder name for all the injured pitchers coming back from Kris Benson to Jason Jennings.  Any of them stand out (besides Freddy Garcia whom we've talked about quite a bit?)

Anyone else have any ideas?

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