reverse engineering: who should NOT be in the HOF?

Ok, ok .. we all know and believe here in the Cubs Nation that Ron Santo has been long overlooked, dissed and ignored by the Hall's committees and should have been there several years ago. That's non negotiable. I'm not going to argue the point.

On a blog linked within a Fanshot comparing Santo to Richie Allen, the rather delusional author was trying to convince his readership that Allen was the better men with rather specious reasoning. The discussion afterwards was a bit energetic and one person made the rather interesting comment:

I vote to remove about 40 guys already enshrined who lack the definition of greatness.

An interesting perspective .. while I don't like to speak ill of the dead or alive, I'd be curious to know who YOU might consider for such a vote. I got some of my own idears .. what are YERS?

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