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2009 Cubs Spring Training Official Schedule

UPDATE: The Cubs have officially released the spring schedule as of today, Wednesday, December 3; there were three differences between the schedule I posted on November 25 and the one made official today:

• There's an additional split-squad game on March 13 vs. the Angels at Tempe.
• The game vs. the Padres on March 20 is at Mesa, not Peoria.
• The game vs. the Giants at Scottsdale on March 26 starts at 9:35 CT, not 9:05.

The above changes are reflected in the correct schedule, posted below.

Tickets go on sale online or by phone (1-800-905-3315) on Tuesday, January 6 at 10 am CST, or at the HoHoKam Park box office on Tuesday, January 13 at 9 am MST.

Note: Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday 3/8. Prior to 3/8 all games begin at 2:05 CT; on 3/8 and after, games begin at 3:05 CT. Exceptions are noted.

Wed 2/25: vs. Dodgers at Mesa Thu 2/26: vs. Brewers at Mesa Fri 2/27: vs. Rangers at Surprise Sat 2/28: vs. White Sox at Mesa Sun 3/1: vs. Padres at Peoria Mon 3/2: vs. Diamondbacks at Mesa Tue 3/3: vs. Athletics at Mesa Wed 3/4: vs. Indians (ss)at Goodyear vs. White Sox (ss) at Las Vegas (9:05 CT) Thu 3/5: vs. White Sox (ss) at Las Vegas (3:05 CT) Fri 3/6: vs. Dodgers at Mesa Sat 3/7: vs. Brewers at Maryvale Sun 3/8: vs. Rangers at Mesa Mon 3/9: vs. Royals at Mesa Tue 3/10: vs. Mariners at Peoria Wed 3/11: OFF Thu 3/12: vs. WBC at Mesa Fri 3/13: vs. Mariners (ss) at Mesa vs. Angels (ss) at Tempe Sat 3/14: vs. Angels at Mesa Sun 3/15: vs. Diamondbacks at Tucson Mon 3/16: vs. Brewers at Maryvale Tue 3/17: vs. Dodgers at Glendale Wed 3/18: vs. Giants at Mesa Thu 3/19: vs. Mariners (ss) at Peoria Fri 3/20: vs. Padres at Mesa Sat 3/21: vs. White Sox at Glendale Sun 3/22: vs. Mariners at Mesa Mon 3/23: vs. Athletics at Phoenix Tue 3/24: vs. Rockies at Mesa Wed 3/25: OFF Thu 3/26: vs. Giants at Scottsdale (9:35 CT) Fri 3/27: vs. White Sox at Mesa Sat 3/28: vs. Rockies at Tucson Sun 3/29: vs. Indians at Mesa Mon 3/30: vs. Royals at Surprise Tue 3/31: vs. Angels at Mesa Wed 4/1: vs. Athletics at Phoenix Thu 4/2: vs. Indians at Mesa (2:05 CT) Fri 4/3: vs. Yankees at Yankee Stadium, NYC (6:05 CT) Sat 4/4: vs. Yankees at Yankee Stadium, NYC (12:05 CT)

Most interesting notes: the schedule is a week longer this year to take into account the WBC. The 36 games (including the two in NY) is, I believe, the most ever. Note the three off days, two more than usual. Finally, the Cubs will have only one split-squad game in 2009, down from the usual two or three. This is probably due to the length of the spring season and the larger number of teams available to play.