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Another Kerry Wood Clue

This one from SI's Jon Heyman:

Mets GM Omar Minaya today began reaching out to the agents for free-agent closers Francisco Rodriguez and Brian Fuentes, has learned. The Mets are intent on landing an elite closer after their bullpen was the main culprit in their second straight September disappointment. It is believed Rodriguez is favored slightly over Fuentes, but they consider either pitcher an excellent candidate to take injured closer Billy Wagner's spot.

The Mets seem willing to consider Kerry Wood, as well, but have concerns about his past health issues.

The Rangers, Indians and perhaps Brewers are among other teams that may be in the market for a closer.

(emphasis in bold italics added by me)

It may be that the Cubs have the same concerns, although I don't quite understand that after Wood has been completely shoulder-healthy since August 2007 (his DL time in 2008 was blister-related; his arm was sound). Still, that doesn't explain why the Cubs wouldn't consider offering Wood an incentive-laden contract which would protect them in case of injury; it seems as if Wood would accept such a deal. I don't see Kerry going to Texas or Cleveland (he's expressed an interest in staying in the NL), and the thought of him in a Milwaukee uniform makes me cringe.

As ever, we await developments.