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The Very Last Thing I Will Ever Post On Jake Peavy (Or Not)

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Barry Rozner weighs in on the Peavy mess, with a convoluted trade scheme that made my jaw drop lower and lower with each succeeding paragraph.

I'll spare you reading it if you don't want to by saying that the summary of all the players involved in Rozner's fantasy would be something like this:

Cubs get: Jake Peavy and Brian Giles

Padres get: Jason Marquis, Sean Marshall, Felix Pie, Josh Vitters, Ronny Cedeno, Jose Ascanio, Mike Fontenot and Sandy Koufax (OK, yes, I made that last part up).

Besides the fact that Giles isn't leaving San Diego and that the Padres would have little use for Marquis and that Vitters is really the one and only blue-chip prospect the Cubs have, we have the little matter of Lou stating the other day that the Cubs aren't looking for starting pitching any more. And as we have been discussing in various threads over the last couple of days, what Lou wants, Lou generally gets.

Usually Mike Downey, Phil Rogers or Rick Morrissey would be in contention for writing the dumbest Chicago newspaper sports column of the month. But Barry, you win. This is nonsense. Book it: Jake Peavy and Brian Giles will not be wearing blue pinstripes in 2009.

And with that, goodnight. And Happy Thanksgiving.