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A Few Free Agents To Consider, Ballpark News, And No More Postseason Coin Flips

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I haven't done a headline post like this in a while, and when I do, I've usually put them up in the morning. But there are some interesting notes tonight, so I'm getting this one up now, and you can continue discussing during the day.

  • A. J. Burnett has opted out of his contract and is a free agent. I am neither arguing for nor against signing him; I simply point out that a lot of people here were in favor of going after him last winter. What say you now?
  • The Yankees bought out Damaso Marte's deal. He's a free agent. Some here were in favor of the Cubs going after him last summer. Marte had a good year, and the Cubs could use a lefty reliever. He sometimes walks everyone in sight, and he's 33 years old. Thoughts? (Another note in that link: the Yankees are considering making former Cub Mick Kelleher their first-base coach.)
  • More renovations and seat additions are being made to Fenway Park this offseason. Crane Kenney has said more than once that he looks to the Red Sox as a model in many different ways. What the Red Sox are doing to Fenway could be a model of what could be done to fix up Wrigley Field.
  • And finally, wild-card and division tiebreakers may be decided by head-to-head records, not coin flips; GM's will discuss this again at the Winter Meetings next month. Perhaps this is a precursor to giving all postseason home fields to the team with the better record.

That ought to give you enough to fill your Thursday night and Friday. Have at it.