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Wednesday Winter Meetings Rumormongering And Factchecking

It's midweek at the Winter Meetings and as of yet, the Cubs have made no deals. Tomorrow is the Rule 5 draft and since the Cubs have, at the moment, four open 40-man roster spots, it wouldn't surprise me if they picked someone.

In the meantime, here's a quick update on the hottest Cub (and a couple of other) rumors.

Jake Peavy? Maybe. First, Marquis has to go, no easy task. In any case, Bruce Miles says, don't expect this to happen this week. Jayson Stark agrees. Oh, and that "Go Cubs Go" Peavy story? Nonsense. No mention of that here:

While in Vegas, Peavy had more fun than the people trying to work out his trade. He saw two country music concerts, went to the rodeo and attended Greg Maddux's retirement announcement.

Milton Bradley? Possibly. (Ugh.) Also from that link, the "Cubs might trade Z" rumor mentioned there is false, as is the Mark DeRosa to the Phillies talk, and Rafael Furcal might become a Royal. (!) Or a Blue Jay. (Or is that just a negotiating ploy?)

Kerry Wood? His soon-to-be-signed two-year deal with the Indians might include a third option year.

CC Sabathia? Despite all the talk that he wanted to stay in the NL because he likes to hit, he's apparently going to sign with the Yankees.

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