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Kevin Towers Speaks On The Peavy Aftermath

Once again, Kevin Towers spoke on San Diego radio and it's summarized over at our SBN Padres site Gaslamp Ball. Here are some of the highlights:

  • At this point in time Jim Hendry isn't inclined to make a deal for Jake Peavy. Towers didn't get into the details why, some of it probably had to do with the number of players and the money. Towers doesn't anticipate the Cubs coming back after Peavy.
  • Better than average odds that Peavy will be a Padre on Opening Day. The train is back in the station. (Italics added by me)
  • The priority is getting a good deal for Peavy, more so than getting the payroll to $40m. There are other ways to shrink the payroll, Towers hopes by the beginning of the season he'll be able to get it down to $40.

OK, have at it. (Towers may say he's "spent", but he's pretty damn chatty. Maybe that's what is "spending" him.)

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