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Thursday Discussion Topic: Nate McLouth

We've been over this before, but today I found new information that suggests that Nate McLouth could be pried away from the Pirates:

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But negotiations with another core player, center fielder Nate McLouth, have gone much differently, with agent Mike Nicotera last night confirming that the chance of achieving a multiyear extension is "close to dead." The parties now are working on a basic one-year contract, the type most commonly arranged for players eligible for salary arbitration.

"There's a pretty stark difference between how we evaluate what Nate has done and what we believe his future will be, and their evaluation of that in terms of placing a dollar value on it," Nicotera said. "When that's the case, it's very difficult to reach an agreement."

The article goes on to say that McLouth isn't free-agent eligible till 2011, which is true. But he's likely to cash in on a big payday via arbitration after his fine 2008 season.

He'd look awfully good in center field for the Cubs -- Reed Johnson and Kosuke Fukudome could platoon in right. McLouth turned 27 in October and is likely headed into his three or four best seasons. And he satisfies Lou's obsession with getting a left-handed power hitter.

So -- what would it take to get him? If the Cubs are thinking about a multiyear deal for someone like Milton Bradley, wouldn't it make more sense to trade for a McLouth, who you could pay about the same amount of money, and get a better, younger, healthier player?

Discuss amongst yourselves.