Help me ID this Mystery Cub




I have poured through so many web sites trying to ID this LHP.  I picked it up at a Wrigley Garage Sale a few years back when they demo'd the Bleachers and it has been hanging in my Cubs shrine since. Based on the uniform it is probably late 70s thru 80s. I just  could not find an African American LHP that looks remotely like this guy.

The distinctive pitching style should have set him apart to someone discerning eye and a good memory.  The fact that he earned a place on the office wall in Wrigley probably means someone in Cubby Land remembers him!

The way peoples faces get distorted when they are pitching probably doesn't help much.

Any clues? If we decide the negative was flipped and this was actually a RHP then I have to start my search all over again.

I have another pic after the jump- Bring back the Stirrups!








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