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NHL Winter Classic: Final Preparations!

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Want to take a break from talking about the Cubs transactions from today? Here's what it looked like at Wrigley Field this afternoon as the final preparations for tomorrow's Winter Classic were going on. Incidentally, the two screens that are being put up so that people with limited views inside can see the game have been constructed inside Wrigley Field, in the left field and right field corners. I'll take and post photos of those tomorrow.

Here come the Hawks!

I got there after the Blackhawks had already skated; the four photos below are of the Red Wings skatearound. Note the faux brick around the outside of the rink. The green at the right edge of the first two photos is the faux ivy they have put up in front of the outfield wall.

Hockey tomorrow!

Hockey tomorrow!

Hockey tomorrow!

Hockey tomorrow!

Nice work on the scoreboard -- they used the Detroit, Pittsburgh, Boston, Tampa Bay, Toronto and Washington plates from the baseball scoreboard and painted new ones for "Nashville", "Vancouver", "Buffalo", and "Blackhawks". It's also the first time a TV camera has been placed inside the scoreboard.

What are these

Click on photos to open larger versions in new browser windows. All photos by Al