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And What Would YOU Like For Christmas?

As we prepare for the Winter Meetings beginning Monday, let's use this post as a one-stop weekend shop. Post here who you'd like to see the Cubs go after and who you'd like to see the Cubs trade away.

What about this guy?
Looks like he's got a pretty good slider.

Let's try to make this post a little creative. How about staying away from 10,573 "GETPEAVY" or 27,310 "DUMPMARQUIS" posts. Post something that you haven't heard anyone talk about before. Come up with a creative idea to get Jeremy Hermida, maybe. Or another outfielder who hasn't been discussed. There's a FanPost just posted by DGU that has some specific suggestions, some of which are realistic and interesting, but I'd like to hear more, and maybe things that none of us has heard speculated about or rumored yet.

The Cubs could use some bullpen help, too. Hmmm. Didn't they just have a good right-handed reliever? Some guy who used to wear #34? Maybe if we're all good little boys and girls, he'll still be around next year.

And remember, Hanukkah starts on December 21. If Jason Marquis is still a Cub then, he'll be wanting his gifts a few days early.

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