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Top Ten Cub Prospect Consensus

A while ago, I got an email from Joe Aiello, who runs the Cubs blog The View From The Bleachers. He asked me if I'd send him my thoughts on the Top 10 Cub prospects. So I sent him the list that Josh posted here last fall.

He consulted a couple of other Cubs blogs, including The Cub Reporter, along with Baseball America, John Sickels' Minor League Ball and others, and came up with this consensus list of the top ten prospects (see the link for how the voting was compiled):

1. Geovany Soto 2. Josh Vitters 3. Tyler Colvin 4. Sean Gallagher 5. Josh Donaldson 6. Donald Veal 7. Jose Ceda 8. Eric Patterson 9. Jeff Samardzija 10. Tony Thomas
Looks pretty good to me. Discuss.