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2008 Community Projections: Ryan Theriot

So -- what say you about Ryan Theriot? Will he step up his production to at least league-average and retain his starting slot? Or is he more the guy who faded in September 2007 and will the Cubs need a replacement by midsummer?

I'm going to lean toward the former, optimist that I am, although these numbers would indicate quite a few days off:

AB: 495
R: 85
H: 137
2B: 36
3B: 2
HR: 3
RBI: 40
BB: 48
SO: 44
AVG: .277
OBA: .341
SLG: .376

Ryan Theriot's career stats at

Note: If you haven't projected Derrek Lee, Mark DeRosa or Aramis Ramirez, check out the posts below and post your projection. I'll leave all those open till tomorrow afternoon.

UPDATE [2008-2-20 15:27:19 by Al]: This thread is now closed. Here is the final projection for Ryan Theriot:

AB: 434
R: 66
H: 118
2B: 26
3B: 3
HR: 3
RBI: 40
BB: 44
SO: 44
AVG: .271
OBA: .339
SLG: .363