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Harry Caray Tribute Today

Beloved Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray passed away ten years ago today, February 18, 1998.

In tribute to Harry, Comcast Sports Net will run the following schedule of specials and game telecasts in his memory:

11:00 am Hello Again Everybody: The Harry Caray Story (Special)
12:00 pm Cubs @ Pittsburgh - Sept 24, 1984 Cubs clinched first Division Title
2:30 pm Philadelphia @ Cubs - Aug 1, 1987 Andre Dawson hits three home runs
5:30 pm Special Chicago Tribune Live - LIVE from Harry Caray's Restaurant
6:30 pm SportsNITE (LIVE)
7:00 pm Holy Cow: Remembering Harry - 1/2 hour special
7:30 pm Philadelphia @ Cubs - Sept. 21, 1997 Harry Caray's last game broadcast

And a couple of Cub headlines this morning, both related to Alfonso Soriano:

  • Is his leg ready to go? 75% ready. He's taking it slowly, which I think is a good idea. Even if he doesn't steal 30 bases a year any more (and at age 32, his speed is likely to start declining anyway), he's still a valuable player.
  • And, forget about him hitting anywhere but leadoff. Bruce Miles says Lou isn't going to change his slot. Quoting Piniella:
"It makes sense. It really does. He's had a lot of success out of that hole, too, and he got that (8-year) contract (by having success) out of the leadoff hole."

And so it likely will remain.

Although many managers might bristle at the ongoing debate over where Soriano should bat, Piniella isn't going to quash that debate just yet.

"We'll just keep talking about this and having a little fun with it," Piniella said. "We'll do the right thing, what's best for the baseball team and what's best for the player."

So keep talking about lineups if you like... but come March 31, looks like Soriano will be the first batter in the bottom of the first inning.

Finally, if you have missed making a projection for Derrek Lee, Mark DeRosa or Aramis Ramirez for 2008 over the weekend, check out the posts below and weigh in. I'll continue the series later today.