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2008 Community Projections: Alfonso Soriano

Regardless of where you think he should hit in the batting order, you know that, assuming Alfonso Soriano is healthy (and from all accounts, he is, even though we have heard he's taking it slow so far), he'll play in 156+ games (he's done that five of the last seven years).

So, what will he do in 2008? In addition to the categories we've done for other players, let's project SB/CS for Soriano, too.

I say..

AB: 665
R: 111
H: 196
2B: 44
3B: 3
HR: 39
RBI: 96
BB: 45
SO: 155
SB: 22
CS: 8
AVG: .295
OBA: .339
SLG: .546

Alfonso Soriano's career stats at

I've closed the Derrek Lee, Mark DeRosa and Aramis Ramirez threads and posted the final projections. I'll keep the Ryan Theriot thread open till tomorrow.

UPDATE [2008-2-21 17:43:20 by Al]: This thread is now closed. Here are the final projections for Soriano:

AB: 625
R: 111
H: 182
2B: 41
3B: 4
HR: 39
RBI: 91
BB: 43
SO: 143
SB: 22
CS: 8
AVG: .291
OBA: .336
SLG: .555