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It's That Time Of Year Again

What time?

Ticket wristband time!

As of 3 pm, there was no line at all for wristbands -- they were moving everyone through quite quickly. If you want a ticket wristband, enter through gate K on Waveland across from the firehouse. Wristband hours are until 10 pm tonight, and from 7 am to 10 pm tomorrow. You have to have two forms of ID with you (one a major credit card, but you don't necessarily have to use that card to buy tickets).

There's a gift shop open if you feel the uncontrollable urge to buy a Fukudome jersey (they have them). I didn't stop, but there were some people in there.

You'll get a ticket order form which explains all the rules for the sale on Friday morning.

UPDATE [2008-2-20 16:53:51 by Al]: This is just a reminder, and a note for those new here, that once we get going with spring training and the season, I will make posts in the Ticket Exchanges section for people who want to buy or sell tickets (face value only, please). There's a post there for spring training tickets already. I try to keep this one homestand at a time so there aren't requests and sales all over the place. Thanks for understanding.

UPDATE [2008-2-21 11:30:10 by Al]: As of 9:30 this morning, there was still no line for wristbands. I'll be making a post early tomorrow morning with the winning wristband number and so you can all have a place to bitch about the VWR.