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2008 Community Projections: Felix Pie

This one ought to be interesting. Will this be the year that Felix Pie finally makes it as a major league regular? All along, I thought 2008 would be his target year to blossom. Will he be good? Decent? Great? Here's your chance.

My take: he'll become a solid regular, with hope that he could become more than that in future years. Let's do SB/CS for Pie.

AB: 501
R: 77
H: 138
2B: 29
3B: 9
HR: 9
RBI: 59
BB: 40
SO: 122
SB: 11
CS: 4
AVG: .275
OBA: .329
SLG: .423

Felix Pie's major league stats at

Felix Pie's minor league stats at

The Ryan Theriot thread is still open; I'll close that one this afternoon, and the Alfonso Soriano thread will stay open till tomorrow.

UPDATE [2008-2-20 15:36:12 by Al]: The Theriot thread is now closed and I've posted the final projection. Also, I had to change several others because I had posted the PA total instead of the AB total. All the final projections are now correct.

UPDATE [2008-2-26 11:46:12 by Al]: This thread is now closed. Here is the final community projection for Felix Pie:

AB: 479
R: 68
H: 127
2B: 26
3B: 6
HR: 10
RBI: 52
BB: 35
SO: 106
SB: 21
CS: 7
AVG: .266
OBA: .315
SLG: .411