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Here Come The Hawks... To Wrigley?

With the success of the recent outdoor hockey game between the Sabres and Penguins in Buffalo, I figured it wouldn't be too long before the Blackhawks under former Cub president John McDonough might consider an outdoor game, to create some buzz about the team, most likely at Soldier Field, where they could sell 65,000 tickets.

In today's Daily Herald, Tim Sassone reports that Wrigley Field is under consideration:

If the ratings for last month's outdoor game in Buffalo had the NHL doing cartwheels, NBC has to be drooling at the thought of the Hawks playing in Wrigley Field, one of the most famous venues in America. It's understating it to say it would be an event.

While it was first believed that Soldier Field was the venue pitched to [NHL Commissioner Gary] Bettman recently by McDonough when the two men met, we should have connected the dots and guessed Wrigley Field.

It's so John McDonough, who could turn out to be the most important acquisition by the Blackhawks since Tony Esposito came over in a trade from Montreal almost four decades ago.

If the Hawks don't get the outdoor game next season, it could go to the New York Rangers, who have pitched a game at Yankee Stadium to the league, according to an NHL source.

Intriguing. Discuss amongst yourselves. If they offered tickets to Cub season ticket holders, I know I'd go.