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2008 Community Projections: Kosuke Fukudome

Kosuke Fukudome's rookie card as a Chunichi Dragon

This projection could go almost any way you want it to go. Will Dome continue to have the production he's had in Japan? Most Japanese position players have seen their power decline when coming to MLB, but the other parts of their game stay about the same.

Keep in mind when perusing Dome's NPB career stats that NPB plays shorter seasons than MLB -- 144 games to MLB's 162. When healthy, Dome has played nearly every game (five times played 130 games or more), and I'd expect him to play in over 150 games this year. Per 162 games, he has hit 28 HR in Japan. Here's my pick:

AB: 588
R: 96
H: 177
2B: 39
3B: 4
HR: 18
RBI: 86
BB: 80
SO: 120
AVG: .301
OBA: .385
SLG: .473

UPDATE [2008-2-26 11:48:33 by Al]: This thread is now closed. Here is the final community projection for Kosuke Fukudome:

AB: 568
R: 92
H: 169
2B: 39
3B: 5
HR: 19
RBI: 88
BB: 72
SO: 99
AVG: .297
OBA: .376
SLG: .481