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Mark DeRosa In Chicago For Heart Tests

Well, this is unexpected. All we'd heard over the weekend was that he was going to be fine, released from the hospital, back in camp by week's end.

Now, Mark DeRosa is back in Chicago, for testing and possible surgery:

DeRosa met briefly with reporters at the Cubs spring training camp on Monday and said he may consider an unspecified surgical procedure to get his heart back into rhythm.

"If it is surgery, it's an outpatient one," DeRosa said, according to The Chicago Tribune. "A lot of people take medicine. I don't want to deal with that. I'm 32, I don't want to be on medication for the rest of my life if there's a procedure I can do. It's something I've been able to control without any help. The other day was a wake-up call that I probably need to figure some things out and just get it fixed."

The Cubs have stressed that DeRosa's condition isn't life-threatening, and DeRosa said he hopes to be back on the playing field in a week.

The article quotes DeRosa as saying he's 32 and "turns 33 tomorrow". According to his page, he turned 33 on February 2, but that appears to be incorrect. This Yahoo profile and his page both say he was born February 26, 1975.