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2008 Community Projections: Rich Hill

Just a reminder, I've left the Felix Pie and Kosuke Fukudome threads open all weekend; if you missed projecting these players, I'll leave them open till the end of the day. You can also project Carlos Zambrano and Ted Lilly, if you missed those threads over the weekend. Take a look at these stat lines. Do you know whose they are, and for what year?

IP H ER HR BB SO W L ERA WHIP 196.1 196 82 16 69 171 15 11 3.76 1.35 195.0 170 85 27 63 183 11 8 3.92 1.20
Pretty similar, right? You should recognize the bottom line as Rich Hill's from last year. The top line is Erik Bedard's 2006 season, when he was 27, the same age as Hill was a year ago. Bedard had more experience than Hill when he put up those numbers, and I think Hill's going to be in line to improve in just that way. My pick:

G 34
GS 34
IP 200
H 176
ER 76
BB 60
SO 193
W 16
L 8
ERA 3.42
WHIP 1.18

Rich Hill's career stats at