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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Giants at Scottsdale, Thursday 2/28, 2:05 CT

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Play Ball!

At last, time for baseball! Before a couple of particulars about today's contest, a few notes:

Now, on to today's game, which features the newly-buff Ryan Dempster (I say "buff" because he has apparently taken to running up Camelback Mountain, one of the area's toughest hiking trails, for his workouts) facing the Giants' Noah Lowry. The starting lineup will read:

Ryan Theriot, ss
Ronny Cedeno, 3b
Kosuke Fukudome, rf
Derrek Lee, 1b
Matt Murton, lf
Geovany Soto, c
Alex Cintron, 2b
Felix Pie, cf
Ryan Dempster, p

Which should worry no one; Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano are simply being given an extra day to continue to make sure that their injuries from last year are completely healed.

The game can be heard on WGN radio in Chicago, KNBR in the Bay Area, and at the Mediacenter. No, they're not giving any ST games away free this year. So, if you can't access any of those, here is today's Gameday link.

Discuss amongst yourselves.