Unintentional Humor

Read this post at Viva El Birdos, which attempts to make the case that Kyle Lohse is actually a good pitcher. The writer calls it "a coup" to get him, and claims that Lohse's bad stats are the result of pitching his entire career in hitter's parks. (Never mind that Lohse's career ERA in those home parks is 4.43 and on the road, it's 5.18.) He goes on to attempt to make positive comparisons to other, "more heralded" pitchers (like Bronson Arroyo. It wasn't hard to be better than Bronson Arroyo last year).

Kyle Lohse is a bad pitcher. That's why he didn't sign with anyone until March 13. And he's going to be the Cardinals' #2 starter.

They're going to be a really, really bad team this year. That post is, as the headline here reads, unintentionally funny.

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