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Movie Review: "U23D"

TEMPE, Arizona -- Mostly, I'm posting this review as practice.

Practice? Yes, it's spring training, and this new platform is just as new to me as it is to you. I've had a little practice on a beta version, but you wouldn't want to see some of the stuff I posted there.

So, having gone to see "U23D" tonight, I thought I'd post a quick review, just to give you something to read before tomorrow morning's game thread, and also to give me some posting practice.

This movie was filmed during the 2005-2006 U2 Vertigo tour, and they chose to film a show in Buenos Aires, Argentina -- maybe because it was at a huge outdoor stadium that seemed to seat about 100,000. Even the general admission pit seemed to have far more people than the USA arena shows. I saw three of those shows -- two at the United Center, one at Madison Square Garden, and reviewed them here and here.

This film captured the concert experience perfectly, especially with the 3D feature (I was glad to see it here in Arizona, because had I seen it at Navy Pier in Chicago, it would have cost an extra $12 for parking). The most effective use of the 3D was when they had shots from behind the audience in the pit looking toward the stage. When they'd jump up and down it felt like they were sitting in the IMAX theater right in front of me. Pretty cool. If you're a fan of U2 you should see this film; if you're a fan of IMAX films, you should also see this film. I've heard U2 is back in the studio making new music this year and may go on tour worldwide again in 2009.

Nice way to spend an evening on a Cubs spring training off day. Back to the fray in the morning.