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Sounds Of The Game

Before you listen, remember that this is an experiment. We're testing out Mobile Posting -- taking some snippet of audio from a live event and creating a post. It's supposed to include a map showing where Wrigley Field is, but I don't see it there -- must be something funky in the javascript code I had to download (and yes, I know virtually all of you know exactly where Wrigley Field is, but maybe some of our new Japanese readers don't, so maybe this will help them out. If they can find it).

It still requires being at a computer to get the code for the post, so it's not immediate. But this is the first step; next may be photos, or video, or the ability to post directly.

In any case, here is yesterday's starting lineup as I recorded it at the ballpark. Remember, this is an experiment, and due to the weather, the audio quality isn't as good as I would have liked.