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Two Thousand

A couple of you sharp-eyed people noticed, when you clicked on the scorecard link in yesterday's game recap, that I keep personal game counts on my scorecards, and that yesterday was my 1999th Cub game.

Thus, tonight I will attend my 2000th Cub game, dating back to September 7, 1969. Actually, I know I went to a handful of games before then; the very first was July 6, 1963, but 9/7/1969 is the earliest surviving scorecard that I have, so that's where I begin the count. Tonight will make 1867 games at Wrigley Field, 133 Cub road games.

Longtime BCB readers will remember this post from August 18, 2005, noting my 2000th major league game, which included counts of my attendance at various major league ballparks. Most of those counts haven't changed much since then, so all told, I've been at a little over 2200 games in 33 different major league ballparks.

That's a lot of baseball. The three World Series games I noted in the 2005 post were great -- and I've added two more to that total, the two at the Cell in 2005 -- but I'm still waiting, as we all are, for the ultimate joy we will all share when the Cubs play in one.

Incidentally, if you haven't already seen this note, you will in the next few days. The Cubs have, with 12 wins this season, won 9997 games in their history dating back to 1876. That means win #10,000 will come soon, likely on the upcoming road trip to Colorado & Washington. (That, by the way, is the sort of trip you get when you let a computer, rather than human beings, make out the schedule.) It'd be real nice if win #10,000 came on Wednesday in Denver.

In the meantime, I will have a game thread up this afternoon, including a Q&A about the Mets that I'm doing with D. J. Short of MetsBlog. I sent him answers to five questions he sent me earlier this morning; when he posts them, I'll link to them, and post his replies to my questions in the game thread.

Finally, Mike drew this in honor of my 2000th Cubs game. Those of you who have met me know that every single thing he claims here is true.

2000 games

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