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Saturday Photos

Dempster stretching his left leg

Dempster stretching his right leg

Top: Ryan Dempster stretches his left leg in front of the newly-grown-in ivy; Dempster stretches his right leg

Soriano rounding third!

Soriano slides!

Soriano's safe!

Above sequence: Alfonso Soriano rounding third in the third inning Saturday (D'backs pitcher Max Scherzer yells at Augie Ojeda: "Home!" while Aramis Ramirez watches); Soriano sliding into the plate (note ball on ground and umpire not in position to see it); He's safe!

Fukudome's HR lands in the LF bleachers

Fukudome crosses the plate

Fukudome tips his cap to the RF bleachers

Above sequence: Kosuke Fukudome's HR lands in the LF bleachers; Fukudome crossing the plate; Fukudome tipping his cap to the RF bleachers

Click on photos to open a larger version in a new browser window. All photos by David Sameshima