Off Day Fun: Ship of Fools

The Cubs are taking the day off, maybe we should, too. So, for this "Off Day Fun," I want to know about the dumbest thing you've ever seen on a baseball diamond. It could be a managerial decision, like so:



That's Adam Dunn squaring to bunt with one out, two on and the Reds down by one in the bottom of the ninth. This isn't an invitation to Dusty-bash, but that move right there is d-u-m-b, dumb.

It could be Neifi "surprising" the Washington Nationals with a two-out, bottom of the ninth bunt .

It could even be steroid-fueled ineptitude:



And considering that we have a number of folks here who've played the game above a level where one shouldn't be laughed at for on-field idiocy, maybe you'd like to share a case of your own baseball blunders!









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