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Do-It-Yourself Game Recap

I'm lazy today. So here, you can make up your own recap of the Cubs' 9-3 win over the Cardinals:

This afternoon in St. Louis, took the field and against . Ted Lilly started and . Carlos Marmol finished up the last two innings because and weren't available today. Li'l Mikey Fontenot's three-run HR and came right after Geovany Soto . Kosuke Fukudome also had a good day, . There were Cub fans in attendance in the new-record crowd in St. Louis. Cub fans like going to games in St. Louis because . Tomorrow night, with the game on ESPN, the Cubs will have on the mound against the Cardinals. Manager Lou Piniella's comments after this big win included: . The Fox-TV telecast was, as usual, mediocre because . Finally, the biggest news from this afternoon's game is that .