Does Lou Understand What Overuse Is?

So we're watching the Cubs play great ball against the Jays.  We're watching Marquis and Lilly pitch like staff aces.  We're watching young players produce and help this club maintain the best record in baseball.  Finally...we're watching, IMHO, Lou unnecessarily utilize one of the best RH relievers in the game, only part of the way through an important season. 

Please explain to me why Marmol was even warmed up with a 6 run lead in the 7th today, let alone come in to face one in the 7th and then pitch some of the 8th!  PLEASE.

Leiber, Wuertz, Cotts, heck, even Howry again would have been fine.  Why does Lou insist upon using Marmol every day????  I am at a complete loss.  Does anyone have the balls to approach Lou and say, "Let the kid rest a couple days"?

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