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Sunday Photos

While we are waiting for Late Night With The Cubs, here are some of the key moments from yesterday's game.

He dropped ANOTHER one??!?
Alfonso Soriano drops Todd Helton's first-inning fly ball...

But wait!
... but throws to second...

He throws...
Helton says he's safe!

Helton out!
... but 2B umpire Paul Nauert says, "Nope! You're out!"

Home run swing!
Soriano swings...

Where's the ball?
... and here's the result, the ball landing on the walkway just behind us in left field, Soriano's 13th HR of the year.

Class is in session
David wrote this caption: "Jim Edmonds giving Kosuke Fukudome and Alfonso Soriano sun blocking tips during a pitching change in the seventh inning."

Great effort! One might even say... scrappy!
Ryan Theriot's diving attempt at Jeff Baker's foul ball in the 9th inning. Note the curious little dance Reed Johnson and Aramis Ramirez are doing, too.

Click on photos to open a larger version in a new browser window. All photos by David Sameshima