Time for superstitious nonsense yet?

I have to admit that I've turned into a rather superstitious person lately and I'm wondering if the BCB nation has started or continued ridiculous (but effective, goddang it!) superstitious behavior.

Mine:  I get a new fitted Cubs cap every other year and alternate between home and away styles.  As a rule, I buy the cap at either Wrigley during the season or at Hohokam during Spring Training.  I'm due this year for a new road cap ... but Hohokam was out of 7 3/4" fitted road caps so I side-stepped the rules and ordered it from

Now ... I've only had the wool caps and the new poly-whatever hi-tech cap in size 7 3/4" is a bit big and won't shrink-to-fit like the wool.  So I sent it back.  And nothing bad has happened to the Cubs.

So ... I'm still wearing my grubby wool home cap and am resisting screwing things up for you, me, us AND the Cubs by ordering a 7 5/8" road fitted cap from  

Don't thank me ... yet.

Go Cubs.  I love you all.


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