Don't boo Marmol - this is all on Lou's head.

Lou broke Marmol.  It's that simple.  Enough of the He-Must-Be-Oveworked-To-Be-Effective theory.  It was never likely.  No.  Marmol was overworked and now he is ineffective.  It's all on Lou.  If we can't get Marmol back on track, we are now less likely to win in the playoffs because of Lou's management. 

This is what I've meant when I've warned about the Win Now ("now" defined as the game immediately in front of you and not the 2008 WS) mentality.  Baseball is a marathon and Lou had Marmol sprint through the entire first half of the season.

This team is a historically good team whose odds of making the post-season are greater than 9 out of 10.  It's way past time to start taking care of the players and making sure we have the best team on the field, not in July, but in October.

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