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Open Thread: 2008 All-Star Game, Tuesday 7/15, 7 pm CDT

Enough hype. Well, maybe not. I'm posting this more than two hours before game time, so I'm sure all of you can get into some more arguments about the game, the players, the announcers, the city it's being played in... just about anything, really.

Given the fact that you were all so chatty last night, I'll have an overflow thread posted at 9:00 pm CDT.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Ben Sheets
B. Sheets
vs. Cliff Lee
C. Lee
10-3 W-L 12-2
2.85 ERA 2.31
108 SO 106
28 BB 20
13 HR 5

All-Star Starting Lineups
Ramirez, Fla, SS Suzuki, Sea, RF
Utley, Phi, 2B Jeter, NY, SS
Berkman, Hou, 1B Hamilton, Tex, CF
Pujols, StL, DH Rodriguez, NY, 3B
Jones, Atl, 3B Ramirez, Bos, LF
Holliday, Col, RF Bradley, Tex, DH
Braun, Mil, LF Youkilis, Bos, 1B
Fukudome, CUBS, CF Mauer, Min, C
Soto, CUBS, C Pedroia, Bos, 2B

Two Cubs are starting the ASG for the first time since 1991 (Andre Dawson and Ryne Sandberg). Ben Sheets is the first Brewer to ever be a starting All-Star pitcher. And Cliff Lee is the first Cleveland Indian to be the starting pitcher since 1996 (Charles Nagy). Which also happens to be the last time the NL won the game. Way past time to change that.

The game's on Fox. Thus, if you want to avoid Joe Buck & Tim McCarver & the 1,157 dugout reporters, you can turn the sound off, or "check local listings" for a radio affiliate. Here's the Mediacenter link for those of you with MLB.TV or MLB Audio. Gameday (2007 version) Gameday (2008 version)

Discuss amongst yourselves.