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The Return Of The BCB T-Shirt

It's baaaaaaaaaack!
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No, don't be afraid -- this time it's going to be much easier, and you'll get your shirt in a timely fashion, or, if you are in Chicago, you can go and buy one in person.

How? Here's how. You've seen the ads for Strange Cargo pop up on this site from time to time over the last month or so (you may even be seeeing one right now, they've been around this morning). For those of you who aren't familiar with this store, it sells T-shirts and other miscellany and is located a couple of blocks south of Wrigley Field at 3448 N. Clark St.

Jay Schwartz of Strange Cargo and I have organized this deal to be as simple as possible. The shirt, as pictured above, is identical to last year's shirt, which a lot of people who didn't get one said they wanted. It also has the "BELIEVE PROJECT 3000" logo on the back. The shade of blue is slightly different, but it will still go well with all your other Cubs gear.

You can go to the store and buy one for $20 plus tax -- that's $22.50 total, and take it home right away. Or, if you are not in the Chicago area and can't get to Strange Cargo's store, you can order it online. The online price is the same -- $20, plus tax, and $5 for shipping, $27.50 total.

You can order your shirt by clicking on this link. Best of all, as you can see on that page, $8 from every shirt purchase will be donated to Derrek Lee's Project 3000, which has already seen $1450 donated from generous BCB readers from last year's shirt sale and pledges made about player performances in 2007. I'll also update the BCB Project 3000 Fundraiser link that's permanently on the right sidebar so the shirt-ordering link will always be handy after this post passes off the front page.

I'll keep everyone updated on how many shirts get sold and how much we contribute to this worthy cause.

You asked, so here it is. Go get yours today!