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It's a day off for the Cubs, but not a day off from big baseball news. Here are ten viewpoints on the Sabathia deal:

1) What does this do to the Cardinals' chances? Viva El Birdos readers chime in.

2) The "other" BCB

3) There was another team involved: comments from fans of the Cleveland Indians.

4) Jeff Passan at Yahoo says: Sabathia's right for Milwaukee.

5) Notes on the Brewer prospects involved from

6) Ken Rosenthal: Prospects are power.

7) Official Indians website story

8) As of this morning, the Brewers website had no official trade announcement story, just this article about the "rumored" deal.

9) Yet another viewpoint from Sportsline.

10) Finally, for you fantasy baseball addicts, the possible effects this deal will have on your team.