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Friday Photos

There wasn't much worth remembering via photo about Saturday's game... so, while we wait for tonight's game, how about some memories from Friday's big win?

Pinpoint landing!
The US Navy Leap Frog Parachute Team delivers the flag before the game

He's out!
Cesar Izturis tagged out at the plate on an attempted suicide squeeze in the 5th

He is OUT!
Joe Mather tagged out at the plate after trying to score on a fly ball to Alfonso Soriano in the 6th

Did you ever think you'd see this?
Jim Edmonds' curtain call after his game-tying HR in the 7th

Go Blanco!
Henry Blanco after delivering his game-winning hit

Cubs win!
Who's first to greet him? Alfonso Soriano

Cubs celebrate the win on Friday

OK, there was ONE moment worth remembering from Saturday:

His 15th career HR
Carlos Zambrano crosses the plate after hitting his 15th career HR

Click on photos to open a larger version in a new browser window. All photos by David Sameshima