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Do-It-Yourself August 30 Game Recap: Cubs 2, Phillies 5

Today, my son Mark, of whom I have written often here, "became a man" in the Jewish tradition, by celebrating his Bar Mitzvah. Although I was at the ballpark today, there's a party tonight and I don't have time to write the usual complete recap of today's 5-2 Cub loss to the Phillies. Thus, I've provided everything you need here to create your own.

This afternoon at Wrigley Field, the Cubs against the Phillies. Ted Lilly and Kerry Wood . Ryan Theriot . Carlos Marmol , so instead pitched. Cotts . Mike "The Wonder Hamster" Fontenot and that came right after Geovany Soto . Alfonso Soriano . There were more than Cub fans in attendance today, keeping the club on pace to break last year's attendance record. The weather was . Tomorrow afternoon, the Cubs will against the Phillies. Manager Lou Piniella's comments after today's game included: . The Fox-TV telecast was, as usual, mediocre because . Finally, the biggest news from this afternoon's game is that .