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Rain Delay Thread: Cubs vs. Astros, Monday 8/4, 6:05 CT

Hi everyone.

We were watching the radars on our phones in the bleachers and saw lightning shows out to the west, and figured that at the first sign of rain, the game would be delayed and not resumed. So, once the field was covered, I left.

It's virtually certain they won't resume tonight, not with the heavy rain -- probably the heaviest I've seen since almost 20 years ago to the day, August 8, 1988, the day of the first scheduled night game. I believe -- and someone correct me if I'm wrong -- that after a certain period of time goes by, the game can and will be suspended and resumed at noon tomorrow. This might go to the Cubs' advantage, as they were having a lot of trouble hitting Brian Moehler, and they could send Sean Marshall out there to start the sixth as a fresh pitcher who could go three or four innings if necessary.

Stay safe, everyone, if you're in northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin or northern Indiana -- this is nasty stuff going through; tornado sirens were going off in Lakeview near Wrigley Field, the first time I can remember them going off except for test purposes.

I'll update in the morning.