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Tuesday Morning Headlines

  • Lou may shuffle the lineup tonight. That article also says:
    Lou Piniella said he expects the club to bring up at least outfielder Felix Pie and pitcher Kevin Hart from Iowa once they're done with the AAA playoffs.
    I've heard different. We'll see.
  • The Brewers are still whining about CC Sabathia's "lost" no-hitter on Sunday. Now, this does raise a legitimate issue. I have long felt that the official scorekeeping duties should be taken away from writers and clubs and that the scorer should be made a fifth member of the umpiring crew. Maybe this will create the impetus to do that. Here's Carol Slezak's take on this in today's Sun-Times.
  • There's nothing wrong with Rich Harden, says Bruce Miles:

    Rich Harden said Monday he'd rather be pitching but that he agrees with the Cubs' decision to rest him until next Tuesday's series opener in St. Louis.

    The Cubs say they're playing it cautiously with Harden's right shoulder, which put him on the disabled list earlier this year when he was with Oakland.

    "Yeah, let's make sure I'm feeling good and fresh for the stretch here, the last few games," said Harden, who is 4-1 with a 1.50 ERA as a Cub since coming over from the A's in July. "I've been feeling pretty good. I haven't felt too much strain or anything from throwing the ball.

    "With a couple of days off, I definitely feel stronger. It can make a difference, especially late in the season when you get a little tired. I really want to be out there, but I agree with it."

  • Finally, I posted this in a couple of the threads last night, but once again, I think it bears repeating:

    In their last 14 home games, the Cubs are 8-6.

    In their last 14 road games, the Cubs are 13-1.

    Maybe the home/road split this month will work out after all.

There! That ought to keep you busy till gametime tonight.